ennovative enterprise embedded OS


Tornado OS is a small footprint but versatile OS for your ThinClients, Main features include:
Ease of use and very popular UI
  • In this new Tornado OS, most of the screens and processes are similar to very popular Ubuntu OS, which makes it even more user friendly.
Enhanced Printer support 
  • Plug n play printing support (Canon printer also supported)
  • Most of the Popular Printers are supported out of the box. (without adding drivers)
  • Printer sharing across other Computers and Thin clients.
  • Support Local printing as well as RDP printing.
Enhanced Troubleshooting & Support Mechanism:
  • Generate System report & send email Directly 
  • Enhanced and elaborate System info to help trouble shooting.
    • System Info
    • Network Info
    • Patch info 
  • Enhanced & Easy Patch management system.
    • No Click - patches updated automatically from USB pen drive .
    • No need to reboot Thin client, after patching.
Easy Expandability 
  • Easy & fast embedding of custom applications - almost any Linux / Java application can be easily and efficiently embedded into Tornado OS - in a very short time.
  • Firefox Plugins can be installed by users without any support.
  • Applications can be embedded even after delivery of OS is done - by ways of patch.
  • More than 1 IP (range) can be configured. which can enable thin Clients to  connect two servers in two different networks.
  • Wifi Support - most of popular USB dongles available in Market supported.
  • Dialup connection from Mobile also possible.
  • VPN connectivity - PPTP
  • Enhanced CDMA / 3G USB dongle support 
  • ADSL router support - dialup networking support.
Other Highlights:
  • Server Connectivity
    • 32bit RDP support.
    • ELP - Enjay Linux Protocol - Connection 
  • Ultra Fast boot speed:
    • Boots in less than 45 seconds on Impression 1000
    • Boots in less than 40 seconds on Impression 1500
  • Easy Licensing
    • License Key or License file 
    • Online license update mechanism
  • Enhanced Resolution support
    • Autodetect optimum LCD resolution 
  • Enhanced File/Folder Sharing Support:
    • Automatic listing of NAS folders 
  • Enhanced USB support:
    • USB pen drive / Hard disk. (multiple also)