ennovative enterprise embedded OS

Release Notes


Version : Version 1.1

Build Version : 01012014:1010

Release Date  : 15th Jan, 2014

Addon Available : Yes (See “Available Addon Section Below)

Patches Available : No

Below are the features and bug fixes in new Build Version Release of Enjay Tornado OS

Added Over All System Features for

  • Can now be installed using ISO CD/DVD/USB image
  • Booting in 30 Seconds
  • Can be installed on any media of 1GB and above
  • Can be installed on any hardware with any display chipset
  • CD ROM Support is now enabled
  • Epson L Series Printer support added
  • Notification for Hardware Detection is enabled
  • 3G Data-Card support enabled

More Feature Additions and Bug Fixes are listed Below, categorised as per options available in System Manager.

TC Connect

    Added Features

  • USB redirection in RFX Mode enabled

  • Switching between RFX remote session and local system is enabled

    Bugs Fixed

  • Now connection cannot be created without providing Server IP.

Manage Printer

    Added Features

  • Epson L Series Printer is now available out of the box.

Manage Apps

    Added Features

  • Screen Lock Application is now included.

  • Network icon Hide/Unhide facility is now enabled.

Audio Settings

    Added Features

  • Device selection is now persistently available on reboots.

Browse Network

    Added Features

  • Share list of windows system are now auto generated after providing IP address while creating mount point.

    Bug Fixes

  • Problem of duplicate mount point creation on disconnection of mount is now resolved.

  • Network Connect/Disconnect Status is now updated to Browse Network Application.

Web Browser

    Added Features

  • Upgrade of Firefox Version 21 to 24.

  • Java Plugin for firefox is now pre-installed.

System Report

    Added Features

  • Abnormal Shutdown Count problem is now resolved.

Ensight Client

    Bug Fixes

  • Problem while auto-starting of Ensight Client is now resolved.

Factory Default

    Added Features

  • Change in User Interface.

System Startup

    Bug Fixes

  • Bug for black screen on startup at some times has been resolved.

Tornado Installer


  • Reduced Download size to only 695 MB.

  • ISO image can be burnt on any CD / DVD / USB Pendrive.

  • Can be installed on any media of 1GB and above.

  • Fast Installation in about 4 mins.

  • Simple interface for installing.

  • Start VNC while installing from ISO in case if remote support is needed .

  • Installable on almost any Intel based Hardware.

  • Remote Support.

Addons Available

  • PDF Viewer.

  • Presentation Software Module for Office suite.

  • Skype.

  • 2X Client.

  • NX Client.

  • Go-Global Client.

  • Spice Client.

  • Vmware Client.

  • VPN-Client.

  • Cisco VPN Client.

  • Silver-light.

  • SJ-Phone.

  • Win RAR.

Support Contact Details :

Mail address : support@tornado-os.com

Contact no. : 0260-6612950 (100 lines)